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We are located just south of the south campus of Mount Royal University.
Address: #250 - 5010 Richard Road, S.W., Calgary, AB T3E 6L1


Parking is currently available in our attached facility lot and is for free of charge for our clients.
At Adaptive Minds, we have extensive training and experience in working with anxiety and promoting optimal performance. As such, we specialize in the following areas: General Anxiety and Worry, Panic, Anxiety Surrounding Performance, Tests, and School, Stress, Enhancing Sports, School, and Work Performance, Promoting Positive Emotion and Well-Being, Mental Toughness Training. Cognitive-behavioral therapy is an evidence-based treatment approach for many psychological issues such as anxiety, depression, anger, and stress. Cognitive-behavioral approaches typically include tools for challenging and replacing unhelpful thoughts and beliefs, strategies for problem-solving and promoting positive activities, and methods for directly managing emotions and body responses. The goal of cognitive therapy is to reduce distress and promote adaptive thinking, belief systems, and behavior. Unlike other forms of therapy, the goal of acceptance and commitment therapy is not primarily to reduce distress. Instead, acceptance and commitment therapy aims to promote psychological flexibility and engagement in a life that is meaningful. Paradoxically, this approach often leads to a reduction in distress, as individuals’ reduce the frequency with which they judge, and fight with, their cognitive and emotional experiences.