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Providing Quality and Effective Care to Adolescents and Adults Experiencing Anxiety, Stress, and other Mental Health Challenges.

Anxiety. Stress. Self Confidence. Performance Specialists.

We help clients who are experiencing stress and anxiety to feel supported, get relief from symptoms, function better, and live their lives more fully.

Areas of Specialization

At Adaptive Minds, we have passion and experience in helping clients work with anxiety, stress, self-confidence, and performance concerns. We specialize in the following areas:

General Anxiety and Worry

Workplace Stress

Enhancing Sports, School, and Work Performance

Our Philosophy

At Adaptive Minds, we believe in promoting the overall well-being of our clients. A foundation of our philosophy is to balance the use of psychological strategies that have evidence behind their being effective with clients' beliefs about the change process and what strategies are the best personal fit for them.

We also believe that eliminating obstacles to change is as important as providing tools and strategies for change. Adaptive Minds clients are often intelligent and capable individuals who already have some knowledge of the things that they need to be doing differently in their lives. Sometimes internal or external obstacles can get in the way of making these changes and it can be important to identify and work with these.

We feel that it is to learn from previous change attempts so that we can better support you. Each individual is unique and we believe that it is very important to learn from what has or hasn't worked for clients in the past. We will ask about your previous strategies for change and what has or hasn't worked; whether you have tried to change on your own and if you have seen other therapists in the past.

We understand the emotional, physical, functional, and relational toll that life stressors and painful emotions can have and we aim to help you improve your life as quickly and completely as possible. Counsellors at Adaptive Minds genuinely care about you and your well-being and are ready to help you improve your life, today.

Therapy Approaches

We value providing strategies that have research in support of their being effective and that fit with each client’s personal preference. Some examples of the strategies that we use include:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy – (CBT)

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy - (ACT)

Sports Psychology Interventions and Mental Skills Training

Positive Psychotherapy

Bio And Interest

Brice has academic and professional experience in many areas pertaining to psychology, well-being, and performance. In addition to his work as a psychologist at Adaptive Minds, he has previously worked at a community counselling centre, employee assistance program, and domestic violence program. 

Providing psychological and counselling services.

Providing mental skills and sports performance optimization training.

Providing organizational health and wellness training and consulting service.

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